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1204 Bergen Parkway

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House Rules

House rules can range from the tiniest of changes or additions to substantial deviations that alter the entire game play, depending on the imagination of the players. Most groups have house rules to some extent.

Most house rules are made up by the members of a particular group of players (Owners in this case), and are never published (Except when Alcohol is involved…).

Please understand that we designed and built The Wild Game Entertainment Complex with the idea in mind that every one of our guests big and small would have the opportunity to design their own style and amount of fun based upon any given days feelings of “What sounds fun today”. Our House Rules are designed to insure everyone’s safety along the way. Thank you for your support.

  • Play at your own risk
  • Please play all games as they were intended to be played
  • Please do not sit on any tables or gaming tables
  • Please respect other players space for the games they are playing
  • Not sure how to play a game? Ask – we are at your service!
  • Please do not place food or beverages on any playing tables or surfaces
  • Please do not try to lift or move any game tables
  • No Beer Pong Please
  • All children must have parental supervision in Bergen Bowl area and the Clubhouse
  • Beyond pre-arranged children’s birthday parties please do not drop children off unattended
  • No one under 21 is permitted in the Bergen Bowl or the Clubhouse after 5pm without guardian
  • Have Fun! That is why you are here.



The Wild Game is hiring! We’re always on the search for qualified and personable new members of our team for all positions. Print an application and fill it out in blue or black pen please. Bring it in or scan it and email it to us at ops@thewildgamevergreen.com we will be reviewing applications soon and calling for interviews. Thanks for your time!

  • Sales and Marketing Staff
  • Event Staff
  • Host Or Hostess
  • Waiter Or Waitress
  • Kitchen Staff
  • Dish Washers
  • Chefs
  • Managerial Staff

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